Marla's Music Lessons

Piano Lessons

Keyboard Classes available for ages 5-8. Private piano lessons available for ages 7 to adult. Recitals, performances, and regional events are available.


528 S Earl Ave
Lafayette, IN  47904

phone: (765) 586-0304
email: [email protected]

Voice Lessons
Lessons are avilable from everyone from beginners to advanced students. Techniques of breathing, relaxation, resonance and free tone are practiced. Recitals and performance opportunities are available. Lessons are either private or in a class setting.

About Marla
Meet Marla.

Coming in April 2017....

Child\Parent Music Class

Singing class for 5 - 7 yrs old, teaching breathing, posture relaxation and projection using props. Classes will be offered on a monthly basis beginning April 2017.

Cost will be $20 for a book and $44 for 4 classes.

Reservations can be made by calling (765) 586-0304.