Marla's Music -N- Motion

This is a program for children ages birth to 7 years. Kindermusik nutures the development of the whole child through speaking, playing instruments, singing, moving, listerning and creating.

210 North 11th St.
Lafayette, IN  47901

phone: (765) 420-9363

Voice Lessons
Lessons are avilable from everyone from beginners to advanced students. Techniques of breathing, relaxation, resonance and free tone are practiced. Recitals and performance opportunities are available. Lessons are either private or in a class setting.

Summer Kamps
Themes, time periods and activities planned for different age groups, from birth to 11 years. Kamp activities include songs, instruments, snacks, fingerplays, drama, mime and movement.

Piano Lessons
Keyboard Classes available for ages 5-8. Private piano lessons available for ages 7 to adult. Recitals, performances, and regional events are available.

God's Children Sing
This program uses Bible stories and weaves together songs, creative movements and dramatic play. Different stories, songs and activities are explored each semester.



Marla’s Music Store
Sheet music, instruments, instrumental accessories & gifts.

About Marla
Meet Marla.






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